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CRBP is a collective of 17 west michigan musicians and artists. One person records the shell of a song and other people fill the shell till it's ready to burst. then REPEAT. the result is an album best described as a collaboration compilation.

Volume II player list:

Claire Fisher
Dustin Anderson (grrropolis, the Bastards Alliance & Mitchell)
Michael Cunningham (grrropolis & $$$$$$$)
Ryan Eardley (grrropolis & Polynomial operations)
Eric Deacon (grrropolis & polynomial operations)
Pat Wieland (lazy genius)
Dan Weir (lazy genius & pistolbrides)
Ryan Cunningham (the Broadcast Union)
Corey Ruffin (End Times Orchestra)
Chris Sommerfeldt (a Paschal Circus)
Kyle Colter (Pistoldbrides)
Eric Farnum (3 A.M. Delirium)
Darin Christianson (256 & The Effort)
Kristi Prindle
Mike Saunders (Moss Folk, Chance Jones & DJ MISTER Squid)
Larry Kole (the Redlights)
Joel Howell


released June 17, 2010

Forever Endeavor : Mr. Pink – Music, Lyrics, Vox, Acoustic Guitar & Percussion; Christopher Stark – Drums, Percussion & Piano; Pet the Warrior – Percussion & Vox; dust A.C. – Percussion & Vox.

Sugarcube: Pistolbrides – Music, Lyrics, Vox & Acoustic Guitar; dust A.C. – Drums, Percussion & Vox; Pet the Warrior – Vox; The Soft Bulletin – Bass; Claire Fisher – Vox.

Leslie Younger: Pet the Warrior – Music, Lyrics, Vox & Guitar; dust A.C. – Drums, Piano & Bass; Pistolbrides – Guitar; Christopher Stark – Vox.

Pay to Play: dust A.C. – Music, Lyrics, Vox, Drums, Bass & Keys; Christopher Stark – Vox

Anyone Else: Christopher Stark – Music, Lyrics, Vox, Guitar & Drums; dust A.C. - Bass, Piano, Bells, Percussion & Synth.

Trip on Down the Hole: the Soft Bulletin – Music, Bass & Percussion; Gauss – Drums & Percussion; dust A.C. – Guitar, Synth & Percussion; Pet the Warrior – Lyrcis & Vocals.

Sponsored Monster: Claire Fisher – Music, Lyrics, Vox, Acoustic Guitar & Keys; dust A.C. – Drums; Pet the Warrior – Lead Guitar & Vox; the Friar - +Bass.

His Name is….LOVE: Eno Diamond – Music, Lyrics, Vox, Guitar & Saxophones; The Soft Bulletin – Bass; The Friar – Vox; Deezal - ?Drums.

Tito the Builder: Outo Bol – Music, Lyrics, Vox, Organ, Programming Sound & Percussion; dust A.C. – Percussion; the Soft Bulletin – Bass & Synth Bass.

The Party People: Kole – Music, Lyrics, Vox, Guitar & Bells; dust A.C. – Vox, Lyrics & Drums; the Soft Bulletin – Bass.

It Was Barren & Then it Died: Chris Sommerfeldt – *Music, *Lyrics, *Vox & *Guitar; Gauss – %Drums & %Percussion; Eno Diamond – Saxophones.

Vampires Suck: dust A.C. – Music, Lyrics, Vox & Guitar; Christopher Stark – Drums; the Soft Bulletin – Bass; Claire Fisher – Vox; Chris Sommerfeldt - *Whistling, *Keys & *Vox.

Skeletons: Pet the Warrior – Music, Lyrics, Vox & Guitar; dust A.C. – Drums & Percussion; Eno Diamond – Saxophones; E.L.F. – Bass; Claire Fisher – Vox.

Change Your Mind: Christopher Stark – Music, Lyrics, Vox, Guitar, Piano & Bass; Deezal - ?Drums; PridieRock – Vox.

Future Blues: Claire Fisher – Music, Lyrics, Vox, Acoustic Guitar & Bells; dust A.C. – Bass & Vox; The Friar – +Guitar & +Organ; PridieRock – Vox; the Soft Bulletin – Vox; Pet the Warrior – Vox; Christopher Stark – Vox; Deezal - ?Drums.

All songs recorded by Dustin Anderson at Cedar Rock Basement except where indicated. * Recorded by Chris Sommerfeldt at the Baby Sitters Club, % Recorded by Gauss at Gauss Corp Studios, + Recorded by Ryan Cunningham at Mercury Guitar & Recording. ? Recorded by Darin Christianson at Sound Street Studios. All songs mixed & mastered by Dustin Anderson at Cedar Rock Basement with help and instruction by Ryan Cunningham. Cover art painting by Joel Howell; logicsystemlabs@hotmail.com. Cover art layout by Dustin Anderson.



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